Part VIIRenewal Areas

95Exclusion of land from, or termination of, renewal area

(1)Subject to subsection (2) below, a local housing authority may by resolution—

(a)exclude land from a renewal area; or

(b)declare that an area shall cease to be a renewal area;

and as soon as may be after passing such a resolution the authority shall take the steps required by subsections (3) to (5) below.

(2)Before exercising any power under subsection (1) above, an authority shall take such steps as the Secretary of State may direct with respect to—

(a)the publicity to be given to the proposed exercise of the power;

(b)the persons from whom representations with respect to that proposed exercise are to be invited; and

(c)the consideration of any such representations.

(3)The authority shall send to the Secretary of State—

(a)a copy of the resolution; and

(b)such other information with respect to the resolution as the Secretary of State may specify either generally or in any particular case.

(4)The authority shall publish in two or more newspapers circulating in the locality (of which one at least shall, if practicable, be a local newspaper) a notice of the resolution—

(a)identifying the renewal area;

(b)describing the effect of the resolution;

(c)naming a place at which a copy of the resolution may be inspected at all reasonable times; and

(d)in the case of a resolution excluding land, identifying the land excluded from the renewal area.

(5)The authority shall take such further steps as appear to them best designed to secure that the resolution is brought to the attention of persons residing or owning property in the renewal area.

(6)A resolution under subsection (1) above has effect from the day on which it is passed.

(7)A resolution under subsection (1) above does not affect the continued operation of the provisions of this Part, or any other enactment relating to renewal areas, in relation to works begun before the date on which the exclusion or cessation takes effect; but the resolution does have effect with respect to works which have not been begun before that date, notwithstanding that expenditure in respect of the works has been approved before that date.