SCHEDULE 9Amendments of Parts VI, IX, XI, XVII and XVIII of the Housing Act 1985

Part IIAmendments of Part IX

42In section 322 (minor definitions)—

(a)for the definition of “house” there shall be substituted—

“dwelling-house” and “flat”, except in the expression “flat in multiple occupation”, shall be construed in accordance with subsection (2) and “the building”, in relation to a flat, means the building containing the flat;

“house in multiple occupation” and “flat in multiple occupation” have the same meaning as in Part XI;

(b)the definition of “person having control” shall be omitted; and

(c)at the end there shall be added—

“premises”, in relation to a demolition or closing order, means the dwelling-house, house in multiple occupation, building or part of a building in respect of which the closing order or, as the case may be, demolition order is made.

(2)For the purposes of this Part, “dwelling-house” includes any yard, garden, outhouses and appurtenances belonging to it or usually enjoyed with it and section 183 shall have effect to determine whether a dwelling-house is a flat.

(3)Except where the context otherwise requires, any reference in this Part (other than this section) to a flat is a reference to a dwelling-house which is a flat or to a flat in multiple occupation.