SCHEDULE 9Amendments of Parts VI, IX, XI, XVII and XVIII of the Housing Act 1985

Part IIAmendments of Part IX

23(1)In section 279 (closing orders: substitution of demolition order), in subsection (1) for the words “subsection (2)” there shall be substituted “subsections (2) and (2A)”.

(2)In subsection (2) of that section the words “section 266 (parts of buildings and underground rooms)” shall be omitted.

(3)After that subsection there shall be inserted the following subsection—

(2A)The power conferred by subsection (1) is not exercisable in relation to a closing order made under section 264(1) where the dwelling-house concerned is a flat or, as the case may be, where the house in multiple occupation is a flat in multiple occupation.