SCHEDULE 6Amendment of Scottish Enactments

Exclusion from voting disability of local authority members who are community charge payers

23(1)In section 41(4) of the [1973 c. 65.] Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 (exclusion from voting disability) after the word “as”, where first occurring, there shall be inserted the words “a person who is liable to pay any of the community charges or community water charges imposed under the Abolition of Domestic Rates Etc. (Scotland) Act 1987 or who would be so liable but for any enactment or anything provided or done under any enactment or as”.

(2)The amendment made by sub-paragraph (1) above shall be deemed to have come into force at the same time as sections 8 to 11 of the Abolition of Domestic Rates Etc. (Scotland) Act 1987.