SCHEDULE 5Local Government Finance Act 1988: Amendments

Community charges

13(1)Schedule 4 (enforcement) shall be amended as follows.

(2)In paragraph 3 (liability orders) the following sub-paragraph shall be inserted after sub-paragraph (2)—

(2A)The regulations may include provision that, where the sum payable is paid after the order has been applied for but before it is made, the magistrates' court shall nonetheless make the order in respect of a sum (of an amount determined in accordance with prescribed rules) in respect of the costs incurred in applying for it.

(3)In paragraph 4(2)(c) (information which a debtor under a liability order may be required to supply to a charging authority), at the end there shall be inserted “or is relevant to whether another person is jointly and severally liable with the debtor for the whole or any part of the amount in respect of which the liability order was made”.

(4)At the end of paragraph 10(1) (winding up) there shall be added “or, as the case may be, section 221(5)(b) of that Act (winding up of unregistered companies)”.

(5)In paragraph 15(4)(b) (restriction on other methods of enforcement where warrant of commitment issued or term of imprisonment fixed), for “or charging may be taken against that one” there shall be substituted “bankruptcy, winding up or charging may be taken against any of them”.