SCHEDULE 6Registered Children’s Homes

Part IIRegulations

10(1)The Secretary of State may make regulations—

(a)as to the placing of children in registered children’s homes;

(b)as to the conduct of such homes; and

(c)for securing the welfare of the children in such homes.

(2)The regulations may in particular—

(a)prescribe standards to which the premises used for such homes are to conform;

(b)impose requirements as to the accommodation, staff and equipment to be provided in such homes;

(c)impose requirements as to the arrangements to be made for protecting the health of children in such homes;

(d)provide for the control and discipline of children in such homes;

(e)require the furnishing to the responsible authority of information as to the facilities provided for—

(i)the parents of children in such homes;

(ii)persons who are not parents of such children but who have parental responsibility for them; and

(iii)other persons connected with such children, to visit and communicate with the children;

(f)impose requirements as to the keeping of records and giving of notices with respect to children in such homes;

(g)impose requirements as to the facilities which are to be provided for giving religious instruction to children in such homes;

(h)make provision as to the carrying out of annual reviews under paragraph 3;

(i)authorise the responsible authority to limit the number of children who may be accommodated in any particular registered home;

(j)prohibit the use of accommodation for the purpose of restricting the liberty of children in such homes;

(k)require notice to be given to the responsible authority of any change of the person carrying on or in charge of a registered home or of the premises used by such a home;

(l)make provision similar to that made by regulations under section 26.

(3)The regulations may provide that a contravention of or failure to comply with any specified provision of the regulations, without reasonable excuse, shall be an offence against the regulations.

(4)Any person guilty of such an offence shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 4 on the standard scale.