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F1Part IS Self-Governing Schools


Amendments (Textual)

F1Pt I (ss. 1-53) repealed (in force 14.7.2000 for ss. 13-22, 24 and otherwiseprosp.) by 2000 asp 6, ss. 60(3), 61(2)(c), Sch. 3

Management of denominational schoolsS

12 Management of denominational schools.S

Subsections (2A) to (4) and (6) of section 21 of the 1980 Act (management of and regulation of curriculum and appointment of teachers in denominational schools) shall have effect in relation to a self-governing school which is a denominational school as those provisions apply to any school transferred to an education authority under section 16(1) of that Act but with the following modifications—

(a)references to the education authority shall be construed as references to the board of management; and

(b)references to “any such school”, “each such school”, “every such school” and “such school” shall be construed as references to “the school”.