Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988

54 Use of typeface in ordinary course of printing.E+W+S+N.I.

(1)It is not an infringement of copyright in an artistic work consisting of the design of a typeface—

(a)to use the typeface in the ordinary course of typing, composing text, typesetting or printing,

(b)to possess an article for the purpose of such use, or

(c)to do anything in relation to material produced by such use;

and this is so notwithstanding that an article is used which is an infringing copy of the work.

(2)However, the following provisions of this Part apply in relation to persons making, importing or dealing with articles specifically designed or adapted for producing material in a particular typeface, or possessing such articles for the purpose of dealing with them, as if the production of material as mentioned in subsection (1) did infringe copyright in the artistic work consisting of the design of the typeface—

  • section 24 (secondary infringement: making, importing, possessing or dealing with article for making infringing copy),

  • sections 99 and 100 (order for delivery up and right of seizure),

  • section 107(2) (offence of making or possessing such an article), and

  • section 108 (order for delivery up in criminal proceedings).

(3)The references in subsection (2) to “dealing with” an article are to selling, letting for hire, or offering or exposing for sale or hire, exhibiting in public, or distributing.