Education Reform Act 1988

170 Establishment and functions of staff commission.E+W

(1)The Secretary of State shall establish a staff commission for the purpose of—

(a)advising the Secretary of State on the steps necessary to safeguard the interests of the staff employed by relevant authorities so far as affected by any provision made by or under this Part;

(b)considering and keeping under review—

(i)the arrangements for the recruitment of staff by those authorities in consequence of any such provision; and

(ii)the arrangements for any transfer of the staff of those authorities in consequence of any such provision; and

(c)considering such staffing problems arising in consequence of, and such other matters relating to staff of any body affected by, any such provision as may be referred to the commission by the Secretary of State.

(2)The Secretary of State may give directions to the staff commission as to their procedure and to any relevant authority with respect to—

(a)the implementation of any advice given by the commission; and

(b)the payment by a relevant authority of any expenses incurred by the commission in doing anything requested by the authority;

and it shall be the duty of the commission and of a relevant authority to comply with any direction given to it under this subsection.

(3)Any expenses incurred by the staff commission under this section and not recovered from a relevant authority shall be paid by the Secretary of State.

(4)The relevant authorities for the purposes of this section are—

(a)ILEA and the inner London councils;

(b)the London Residuary Body; and

(c)any local authority other than an inner London council to which functions or property of ILEA will be or have been transferred by order under section 168 of this Act.