Part IITransfer of Tunnels and Tunnel Approaches

Financial provisions

10Payment of transfer expenses

(1)If either or both of the Councils make to the Secretary of State within twenty-eight days of the transfer date a claim in respect of expenses to which this subsection applies, he shall within twenty-eight days of the date on which he receives the claim make them a payment equal to the amount of those expenses.

(2)Subsection (1) above applies to expenses—

(a)which are incurred on or after 1st January 1986 in connection with the transfer of any property or liability from them under or by virtue of this Act or in providing assistance in the preparation of this Part of the Bill for this Act; and

(b)which are not such as were, or before the transfer date could have been, met from county funds under section 30(3) of the 1984 Act.

(3)Where a claim is made under this section, the Secretary of State may require the production to him of such documents and the furnishing to him of such other information as he considers relevant with respect to the claim and he shall not be required to make any payment in response to the claim until such documents are produced, or other information furnished, to him.

(4)Any dispute as to an amount falling to be paid under this section shall be determined by arbitration, but where the dispute is as to some only of the expenses to which a claim relates nothing in this subsection shall affect any duty of the Secretary of State to make a payment under this section in respect of any other expenses to which it also relates.