Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988

705Appeals against Board’s notices under section 703

(1)Any person to whom notice has been given under section 703(3) may within 30 days by notice to the Board appeal to the Special Commissioners on the grounds that section 703 does not apply to him in respect of the transaction or transactions in question, or that the adjustments directed to be made are inappropriate.

(2)If he or the Board are dissatisfied with the determination of the Special Commissioners he or they may, on giving notice to the clerk to the Special Commissioners within 30 days after the determination, require the appeal to be re-heard by the tribunal, and the Special Commissioners shall transmit to the tribunal any document in their possession which was delivered to them for the purposes of the appeal.

(3)Where notice is given under subsection (2) above, the tribunal shall re-hear and determine the appeal and shall have and exercise the same powers and authorities in relation to the appeal as the Special Commissioners might have and exercise, and the determination of the tribunal thereon shall be final and conclusive.

(4)Section 56 of the Management Act (statement of case for opinion of High Court etc.) shall apply with the necessary modifications in the case of any such rehearing and determination as it applies in the case of appeals to the General or Special Commissioners.

(5)On an appeal under subsections (1) to (3) above the Special Commissioners or the tribunal shall have power to cancel or vary a notice under subsection (3) of section 703 or to vary or quash an assessment made in accordance with such a notice, but the bringing of an appeal or the statement of a case shall not affect the validity of a notice given or of any other thing done in pursuance of that subsection pending the determination of the proceedings.

(6)A company on which a notice has been served under section 703(5) or (6) may within 30 days by notice to the Board appeal to the Special Commissioners on the ground that it is just and reasonable in the circumstances that the company should be treated, for the purposes specified in section 703(6), as having paid an amount of advance corporation tax or, as the case may require, a greater amount of advance corporation tax than is specified in the notice.

(7)Notwithstanding that a company on which a notice has been served as mentioned in subsection (6) above has made no appeal under that subsection, the company—

(a)shall be entitled, to the same extent as the appellant, to receive notice of, and to appear and be heard in, any proceedings arising from the notice referred to in subsection (6) above, whether the proceedings are before the Special Commissioners, by way of further appeal or otherwise;

(b)if it does appear, shall be treated as a party to the proceedings and as having the same rights in respect of those proceedings and any decision made therein as the appellant; and

(c)whether or not it so appears, shall be bound by any order made in any such proceedings;

and no agreement under section 54 of the Management Act (settling of appeals by agreement) shall have effect except with the consent of each company which, by virtue of this subsection, would have been entitled to appear and be heard on the appeal if it had been proceeded with.

(8)On an appeal under subsection (6) above, the Special Commissioners—

(a)may cancel or vary any notice served under section 703(5), or

(b)if no such notice was served, may by order make any provision which could have been made by the Board in such a notice.