Parliamentary and Health Service Commissioners Act 1987

  1. Introductory Text

  2. 1. Extension of the jurisdiction of the Parliamentary Commissioner.

  3. 2. Removal of a Commissioner on grounds of incapacity for medical reasons

  4. 3. Delegation of Parliamentary Commissioner’s functions to officers.

  5. 4. Consultation and disclosure of information.

  6. 5. Reports by Health Service Commissioner: further provision.

  7. 6. Appointment of acting Commissioners.

  8. 7. Extension of time limit for reference of complaint to Health Service Commissioner for England or Wales.

  9. 8. Time limits in relation to references to Health Service Commissioner for Scotland.

  10. 9. Financial provision.

  11. 10. Citation, repeals, commencement and extent.


    1. SCHEDULE 1

      Schedule Substituted for Schedule 2 to the 1967 Act

    2. SCHEDULE 2

      Departments Etc. Subject to Investigation

      1. Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service.

      2. Agricultural wages committees.

      3. Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

      4. Arts Council of Great Britain.

      5. British Council.

      6. British Library Board.

      7. Building Societies Commission.

      8. Certification Officer.

      9. Charity Commission.

      10. Civil Service Commission.

      11. Co-operative Development Agency.

      12. Countryside Commission.

      13. Countryside Commission for Scotland.

      14. Crafts Council.

      15. Crofters Commission.

      16. Crown Estate Office.

      17. Customs and Excise.

      18. Data Protection Registrar.

      19. Ministry of Defence.

      20. Development Commission.

      21. Department of Education and Science.

      22. Central Bureau for Educational Visits and Exchanges.

      23. Department of Employment.

      24. Department of Energy.

      25. Department of the Environment.

      26. Equal Opportunities Commission.

      27. Export Credits Guarantee Department.

      28. Office of the Director General of Fair Trading.

      29. British Film Institute.

      30. Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

      31. Forestry Commission.

      32. Registry of Friendly Societies.

      33. Office of the Director General of Gas Supply.

      34. Health and Safety Commission.

      35. Health and Safety Executive.

      36. Department of Health and Social Security.

      37. Highlands and Islands Development Board.

      38. Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England.

      39. Home Office.

      40. Horserace Betting Levy Board.

      41. Housing Corporation.

      42. Central Office of Information.

      43. Inland Revenue.

      44. Intervention Board for Agricultural Produce.

      45. Land Registry.

      46. The following general lighthouse authorities— (a) the Corporation of the...

      47. The Lord Chancellor’s Department.

      48. Lord President of the Council’s Office.

      49. Management and Personnel Office.

      50. Manpower Services Commission.

      51. Medical Practices Committee.

      52. Scottish Medical Practices Committee.

      53. Museums and Galleries Commission.

      54. National Debt Office.

      55. Trustees of the National Heritage Memorial Fund.

      56. Department for National Savings.

      57. Nature Conservancy Council.

      58. Commission for the New Towns.

      59. Development corporations for new towns.

      60. Northern Ireland Court Service.

      61. Northern Ireland Office.

      62. Ordnance Survey.

      63. Office of Population Censuses and Surveys.

      64. Registrar of Public Lending Right.

      65. Public Record Office.

      66. Scottish Record Office.

      67. Commission for Racial Equality.

      68. Red Deer Commission.

      69. Department of the Registers of Scotland.

      70. General Register Office, Scotland.

      71. Agricultural and Food Research Council.

      72. Economic and Social Research Council.

      73. Medical Research Council.

      74. Natural Environment Research Council.

      75. Science and Engineering Research Council.

      76. Residuary Bodies.

      77. Royal Mint.

      78. Scottish Courts Administration.

      79. Scottish Office.

      80. Council for Small Industries in Rural Areas.

      81. Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work.

      82. Sports Council.

      83. Scottish Sports Council.

      84. Sports Council for Wales.

      85. Stationery Office.

      86. Office of the Director General of Telecommunications.

      87. English Tourist Board.

      88. Scottish Tourist Board.

      89. Wales Tourist Board.

      90. Board of Trade.

      91. Department of Trade and Industry.

      92. Agricultural Training Board.

      93. Clothing and Allied Products Industry Training Board.

      94. Construction Industry Training Board.

      95. Engineering Industry Training Board.

      96. Hotel and Catering Industry Training Board.

      97. Plastics Processing Industry Training Board.

      98. Road Transport Industry Training Board.

      99. Department of Transport.

      100. Treasury.

      101. Treasury Solicitor.

      102. Urban development corporations.

      103. Development Board for Rural Wales.

      104. Welsh Office.

      105. 1.The reference to the Ministry of Defence includes the Defence...

      106. 2.The reference to the Registry of Friendly Societies includes the...

      107. 3.In the case of the Corporation of the Trinity House...

      108. 4.The reference to the Lord Chancellor’s Department includes the department...

      109. 5.The reference to the Lord President of the Council’s Office...

      110. 6.The references to the Management and Personnel Office and the...

      111. 7.In the case of the Commission for the New Towns,...

      112. 8.The reference to the Treasury Solicitor does not include a...

      113. 9.In the case of an urban development corporation no investigation...

      114. 10.In relation to any function exercised on behalf of the...

    3. SCHEDULE 2

      Enactments Repealed