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Current maintenance arrestmentsS

56 Effect of new maintenance order on current maintenance arrestment.S

(1)Where a maintenance order (referred to in this section as “the earlier order”) which is being enforced by a current maintenance arrestment is varied or superseded by an order or decree granted by a court in Scotland (referred to in this section as “the later order”), the later order may include a condition that it shall not come into effect until the earlier of—

(a)the expiry of such period specified in the later order as the court considers necessary to allow notice to be given to the employer that the earlier order has been varied or superseded; or

(b)the service of a new current maintenance arrestment schedule in pursuance of the later order.

(2)Subsection (1) above shall not apply where the earlier order includes an order for the payment of aliment for the benefit of a spouse and the later order includes an order for the payment of a periodical allowance on divorce or on the granting of a declarator of nullity of marriage for the benefit of that spouse.