Weights and Measures Act 1985

29 Misrepresentation.E+W+S

(1)Subject to sections 33 to 37 below, any person who—

(a)on or in connection with the sale or purchase of any goods,

(b)in exposing or offering any goods for sale,

(c)in purporting to make known to the buyer the quantity of any goods sold, or

(d)in offering to purchase any goods,

makes any misrepresentation whether oral or otherwise as to the quantity of the goods, or does any other act calculated to mislead a person buying or selling the goods as to the quantity of the goods, shall be guilty of an offence.

(2)Subsection (2) of section 28 above shall have effect fot the purposes of this section as it has effect for the purposes of that section.

(3)Nothing in this section shall apply in relation to any such goods or sales as are mentioned in section 24(2)(a) or (b) above.