Weights and Measures Act 1985

23 Regulations as to information.E+W+S

(1)The Secretary of State may make regulations—

(a)as to the manner in which any container required by any of the provisions of Schedules 4, 5, 6 or 7 to this Act or of any order under section 22(1) above to be marked with information (including in particular information as to quantity or capacity) is to be so marked,

(b)as to the manner in which any information required by any such provision to be displayed on or in a vending machine is to be so displayed,

(c)as to the conditions which must be satisfied in marking with information as to the quantity of goods made up in it the container in or on which any goods are made up for sale (whether by way of pre-packing or otherwise) where those goods are goods on a sale of which (whether any sale or a sale of any particular description) the quantity of the goods sold is required by any such provision to be made known to the buyer at or before a particular time,

(d)as to the units of measurement to be used in marking any such container or machine with any information,

(e)for securing, in the case of pre-packed goods, that the container is so marked as to enable the packer to be identified,

(f)as to the method by which and conditions under which quantity is to be determined in connection with any information relating to quantity required by or under section 21 or 22 above, and

(g)permitting, in the case of such goods and in such circumstances as may be specified in the regulations, the weight of such articles used in making up the goods for sale as may be so specified to be included in the net weight of the goods for the purposes of this Part of this Act.

(2)Any person who contravenes any regulation made under subsection (1) above otherwise than by virtue of paragraph (f) or (g) of that subsection shall be guilty of an offence.

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C1Ss. 21, 22, 23: power to modify or exclude conferred by Weights and Measures &c. Act 1976 (c. 77, SIF 131), s. 12(1)(2)