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SCHEDULE 15E+W Superseded Contributions, Grants, Subsidies, &c.

Part IVE+W Town Development Subsidy

Transitional town development subsidyE+W

1(1)Transitional town development subsidy is payable each year, subject to the following provisions of this Part of this Schedule, to a sending authority to whom town development subsidy under section 9 of the M1Housing Finance Act 1972 was payable for the year 1974-75; and the amount of the subsidy, subject to the following provisions of this Schedule, is the amount of town development subsidy payable to the authority for the year 1974-75.E+W

(2)The subsidy is payable for the credit of the sending authority’s general rate fund.


Marginal Citations

2(1)The subsidy is payable by the Secretary of State at such times and in such manner as the Treasury may direct, and subject to such conditions as to records, certificates, audit or otherwise as the Secretary of State may, with the approval of the Treasury, impose.E+W

(2)The payment of subsidy is subject to the making of a claim for it in such form and containing such particulars as the Secretary of State may from time to time determine.

(3)The amount of the subsidy for any year shall be calculated to the nearest pound, by disregarding an odd amount of £0·50, or less, and by treating an odd amount exceeding £0·50 as a whole pound.

(4)A direction or determination under this paragraph may contain supplementary or incidental provisions and may be made to apply to a specified description of authorities or to a specified authority.