Transport Act 1985

  1. Introductory Text

  2. Part I General Provisions relating to Road Passenger Transport

    1. Abolition of road service licensing

      1. 1.Abolition of road service licensing

    2. Meaning of" local service "

      1. 2.Local services

    3. Traffic commissioners

      1. 3.Traffic commissioners

      2. 4.Inquiries held by traffic commissioners

      3. 5.Assistance for traffic commissioners in considering financial questions

    4. Registration of local services

      1. 6.Registration of local services

      2. 7.Application of traffic regulation conditions to local services subject to registration under section 6

      3. 8.Enforcement of traffic regulation conditions, etc

      4. 9.Appeals against traffic regulation conditions

    5. Taxis and hire cars

      1. 10.Immediate hiring of taxis at separate fares

      2. 11.Advance booking of taxis and hire cars at separate fares

      3. 12.Use of taxis in providing local services

      4. 13.Provisions supplementary to sections 10 to 12

      5. 14.Operation of taxis and private hire cars in Scotland for the carriage of passengers at separate fares

      6. 15.Extension of taxi licensing in England and Wales

      7. 16.Taxi licensing: control of numbers

      8. 17.London taxi and taxi driver licensing: appeals

    6. Modification of PSV requirements in relation to vehicles used for certain purposes

      1. 18.Exemption from PSV operator and driver licensing requirements of vehicles used under permits

      2. 19.Permits in relation to use of buses by educational and other bodies

      3. 20.Further provision with respect to permits under section 19

      4. 21.Permits under section 19: regulations

      5. 22.Community bus permits

      6. 23.Further provision with respect to community bus permits

    7. Further amendments with respect to PSV operators' licences

      1. 24.Limit on number of vehicles to be used under a restricted licence

      2. 25.Objections to application for PSV operator's licence

      3. 26.Conditions attached to PSV operator's licence

      4. 27.Supplementary provisions with respect to conditions attached to PSV operator's licence under section 26

      5. 28.Power to disqualify PSV operators

      6. 29.Duty to give Secretary of State information about certain matters

      7. 30.Plying for hire by large public service vehicles

      8. 31.Appeals under the 1981 Act

    8. Miscellaneous

      1. 32.Repeal of sections 28, 47 and 48 of the 1981 Act

      2. 33.Extension of safety controls to certain passenger vehicles other than public service vehicles

  3. Part II Regulation of Road Passenger Transport in London

    1. London local service licences

      1. 34.London local services

      2. 35.London local service licences

      3. 36.London bus services under control of London Regional Transport

      4. 37.Grant of licences

      5. 38.Conditions attached to licences

      6. 39.Grant of licences for certain excursions or tours

      7. 40.Revocation and suspension of licences

      8. 41.Duration of licences

    2. Supplementary provisions

      1. 42.Appeals to the Secretary of State

      2. 43.Further appeals on points of law

      3. 44.Application of provisions of the 1981 Act

      4. 45.Interpretation of Part II

    3. Repeal of Part II

      1. 46.Power of Secretary of State to repeal Part II

  4. Part III The National Bus Company

    1. The Bus Company's disposal programme

      1. 47.Transfer of operations of the Bus Company to the private sector

      2. 48.General duties of the Bus Company

    2. Powers of disposal

      1. 49.The Bus Company's powers of disposal

      2. 50.Provisions supplementary to section 49

      3. 51.Provision of services for related companies

      4. 52.Pensions for employees of related companies

    3. Miscellaneous and supplementary

      1. 53.Financial provisions

      2. 54.Dissolution of the Bus Company

      3. 55.Reduction of assets of National Loans Fund

      4. 56.Interpretation of Part III

  5. Part IV Local Passenger Transport Services

    1. Passenger Transport Areas

      1. 57.Passenger Transport Areas, Authorities and Executives

      2. 58.Local government reorganisation: transport functions

      3. 59.Transfer of bus undertakings of Executives to companies owned by Authorities

      4. 60.Exclusion of public sector co-operation requirements and bus operating powers

      5. 61.Division of undertakings of companies formed under section 59

      6. 62.Protection of employee benefits on transfer and division of bus undertakings

    2. Passenger transport in other areas

      1. 63.Functions of local councils with respect to passenger transport in areas other than passenger transport areas

      2. 64.Consultation and publicity with respect to policies as to services

      3. 65.Co-operation between certain councils and London Regional Transport

      4. 66.Exclusion of powers of certain councils to run bus undertakings

      5. 67.Formation of companies to run council bus undertakings

      6. 68.Schemes for transfer of individual council bus undertakings to companies formed under section 67

      7. 69.Orders for transfer of joint undertakings to companies formed under section 67

      8. 70.Supplementary provisions with respect to orders under section 69

      9. 71.Exemption for councils running small bus undertakings

    3. Further provisions with respect to companies formed under Part IV

      1. 72.The public transport companies and their controlling authorities

      2. 73.Control over constitution and activities of public transport companies

      3. 74.Disabilities of directors of public transport companies

      4. 75.Powers of investment and disposal in relation to public transport companies

      5. 76.Audit of accounts of public transport companies

      6. 77.Local authority financial controls in Scotland

      7. 78.Provision of services for public transport companies

      8. 79.Financial backing for establishment and operations of public transport companies

    4. Miscellaneous and supplementary

      1. 80.Duty of Passenger Transport Authority not to inhibit competition

      2. 81.Provision, maintenance and operation of bus stations

      3. 82.Bus stations: restrictions on discriminatory practices, etc

      4. 83.Provisions supplementary to sections 81 and 82

      5. 84.Compensation for loss of employment, etc

      6. 85.Incorporation of Passenger Transport Executives in Authorities for their area

      7. 86.Amendments consequential on orders under section 85

      8. 87.Interpretation of Part IV

  6. Part V Financial Provisions

    1. Expenditure on public passenger transport services

      1. 88.Expenditure on public passenger transport services

      2. 89.Obligation to invite tenders for subsidised services

      3. 90.Provisions supplementary to section 89

      4. 91.Exceptions from section 89

      5. 92.General provisions with respect to the exercise of service subsidy functions

    2. Travel concession schemes

      1. 93.Travel concession schemes

      2. 94.Administration of schemes: reimbursement, etc

      3. 95.Publicity requirements for schemes and reimbursement arrangements

      4. 96.Right of eligible service operators to participate in travel concession schemes

      5. 97.Compulsory participation in travel concession schemes

      6. 98.Further provisions with respect to participation notices

      7. 99.Release from compulsory participation

      8. 100.Provisions supplementary to sections 96 to 99

      9. 101.Enforcement of participation in travel concession schemes

      10. 102.Application of Passenger Transport Executive's financial plan to expenditure on travel concessions under schemes

    3. Travel concessions apart from schemes

      1. 103.Subsidies for travel concessions

      2. 104.Travel concessions on services provided by Passenger Transport Executives

      3. 105.Travel concessions on services provided by local authorities

    4. Grants for transport facilities and services

      1. 106.Grants for transport facilities and services

    5. Grants for services for disabled people in London

      1. 107.Grants by London Regional Transport

    6. Grants for services in rural areas

      1. 108.Grants for establishment, etc., of rural passenger services in Wales and Scotland

      2. 109.Transitional rural bus grants

    7. Miscellaneous and supplementary

      1. 110.Grants towards duty charged on bus fuel

      2. 111.Unregistered and unreliable local services: reduction of fuel duty grant

      3. 112.Interpretation of Part V

  7. Part VI Miscellaneous and General

    1. Exclusion of requirement to co-ordinate services of public sector transport undertakings

      1. 113.Repeal of section 24(3) of the 1968 Act

    2. Competition law: bus services and bus stations

      1. 114.Monopoly references with respect to bus services

      2. 115.Application of Restrictive Trade Practices Act 1976 to agreements between road passenger transport operators

      3. 116.Use of bus stations: monopolies, anti-competitive practices and restrictive trade practices

    3. Reconstitution of the Transport Tribunal

      1. 117.Reconstitution of the Transport Tribunal

    4. Road passenger transport services in place of railway services

      1. 118.Railways Board's road passenger transport services

      2. 119.Bus substitution services and bus service conditions

      3. 120.Notice of withdrawal of bus substitution service

      4. 121.Objections to withdrawal of bus substitution service

      5. 122.Revocation or variation of bus service conditions

      6. 123.Supplementary and consequential provisions

      7. 124.Reimbursement of Board's expenses in securing bus substitution services

    5. The Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee

      1. 125.The Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee and Secretary of State's guidance

    6. Provisions supplementary to Parts I and II

      1. 126.Application of sections 52 and 56 of the 1981 Act

      2. 127.Offences and legal proceedings

      3. 128.Further supplementary provisions

    7. General supplementary provisions

      1. 129.Transfer schemes

      2. 130.Corporation tax and capital gains tax

      3. 131.Stamp duty

      4. 132.Operation of vehicles, etc., by partnerships

      5. 133.Functions of Passenger Transport Authorities and Executives: supplementary

      6. 134.Regulations, rules and orders

      7. 135.Procedure for making regulations, rules and orders

      8. 136.Directions

      9. 137.General interpretation

      10. 138.Expenses and receipts

      11. 139.Transitional provisions, savings, amendments, repeals and revocation

      12. 140.Short title, commencement and extent

  8. Schedules

    1. Schedule 1

      Amendments consequential on the abolition of road service licensing

    2. Schedule 2

      Amendments consequential on section 3

      1. PART I Schedule substituted for Schedule 2 to he 1981 Act-Part II-Further consequential amendments

    3. Schedule 3

      Amendments consequential on section 57

    4. Schedule 4

      Constitution, powers and proceedings of the Transport Tribunal

    5. Schedule 5

      The Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee

    6. Schedule 6

      Transitional provisions and savings

    7. Schedule 7

      Minor and consequential amendments

    8. Schedule 8