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SCHEDULE 2E+W+S Consequential Amendments

Video Recordings Act 1984E+W+S

18(1)Section 3 of the M1Video Recordings Act 1984 shall be amended as follows.E+W+S

(2)In subsection (6)(b), for the words from “an exempted” to “(cinematograph” there shall be substituted the words “ a film exhibition to which section 6 of the Cinemas Act 1984 applies (film ”.

(3)For subsection (7) there shall be substituted the following—

(7)The premises referred to in subsection (6) above are—

(a)premises in respect of which a licence under section 1 of the Cinemas Act 1985 is in force,

(b)premises falling within section 7 of that Act (premises used only occasionally and exceptionally for film exhibitions), or

(c)premises falling within section 8 of that Act (building or structure of a movable character) in respect of which such a licence as is mentioned in subsection (1)(a) of that section has been granted.


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