SCHEDULE 6Minor and Consequential Amendments

PART IEngland and Wales

Children and Young Persons Act 1969 (c. 54)

19In the Children and Young Persons Act 1969—

(a)in section 28(4), for the words " a police officer not below the rank of inspector or by the police officer in charge of " there shall be substituted the words "the custody officer at " ; and

(b)the following section shall be substituted for section 29—

29Recognisance on release of arrested child or young person.

A child or young person arrested in pursuance of a warrant shall not be released unless he or his parent or guardian (with or without sureties) enters into a recognisance for such amount as the custody officer at the police station where he is detained considers will secure his attendance at the hearing of the charge ; and the recognisance entered into in pursuance of this section may, if the custody officer thinks fit, be conditioned for the attendance of the parent or guardian at the hearing in addition to the child or young person..