SCHEDULE 5Serious Arrestable Offences

PART IIOffences Mentioned in Section 116(2)(b)

Explosive Substances Act 1883 (c. 3)

1Section 2 (causing explosion likely to endanger life or property).

Sexual Offences Act 1956 (c. 69)

2Section 5 (intercourse with a girl under the age of 13).

Firearms Act 1968 (c. 27)

3Section 16 (possession of firearms with intent to injure).

4Section 17(1) (use of firearms and imitation firearms to resist arrest).

5Section 18 (carrying firearms with criminal intent).

Road Traffic Act 1972 (c. 20)

6Section 1 (causing death by reckless driving).

Taking of Hostages Act 1982 (c. 28)

7Section 1 (hostage-taking).

Aviation Security Act 1982 (c. 36)

8Section 1 (hi-jacking).