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Part VIIIS Interference and Damage


100 Damage to roads etc.S

A person who without lawful authority or reasonable excuse—

(a)deposits anything whatsoever on a road so as to damage the road;

(b)paints or otherwise inscribes or affixes upon the surface of a road or upon a tree, traffic sign, milestone, structure or works on or in a road, a picture, letter, sign or other mark; or

(c)by lighting a fire within, or by permitting a fire for which he is responsible to spread to within, 30 metres of a road, damages the road or endangers traffic on it,

commits an offence.

101 Placing rope, wire or other apparatus in road without adequate warning.S

A person who, for any purpose, places or causes to be placed in a road rope, wire or other apparatus in such manner as endangers road users and who fails to take all necessary steps to give adequate warning of the danger, commits an offence.

102 Ploughing of unenclosed land.S

A person who, in ploughing unenclosed land adjoining a public road, fails to make side ridges at least 3 metres in breadth along the sides of the road, commits an offence.