Finance Act 1984

26Determination of reduced rate for building societies and composite rate for banks etc.

(1)In the year 1984-85 and in every subsequent year of assessment the Treasury shall by order made by statutory instrument determine a rate which shall, for the following year of assessment, be—

(a)the reduced rate for the purposes of section 343 of the Taxes Act (building societies); and

(b)the composite rate for the purposes of section 27 of this Act.

(2)The order made under subsection (1) above in each year of assessment shall—

(a)be made before 31st December in that year; and

(b)be based only on information relating to periods before the end of the year of assessment in which the order is made.

(3)Whenever they exercise their powers under this section the Treasury shall aim at securing that (assuming for the purposes of this subsection that the amounts payable by building societies under section 343 of the Taxes Act and by deposit-takers under section 27 of this Act are income tax) the total income tax becoming payable to, and not being repayable by, the Crown is (when regard is had to the operation of those sections) as nearly as may be the same in the aggregate as it would have been if those sections had not been enacted.

(4)In relation to the exercise of their powers under this section at any time before the year 1988-89, the Treasury may regard subsection (3) above as directed only to amounts payable by building societies under section 343 and to the operation of that section.

(5)In section 343(1) of the Taxes Act, the proviso and in paragraph (a) the words from " which takes " to " this section " shall cease to have effect as from 6th April 1985.

(6)An order under this section shall be subject to annulment in pursuance of a resolution of the Commons House of Parliament.

(7)For the purposes of enabling the Treasury to comply with the requirements of subsection (3) above, the Board may by notice in writing require any deposit-taker (within the meaning of paragraph 2 of Schedule 8 to this Act) or building society to furnish to the Board such information about its depositors as the Board may reasonably require for those purposes; and may so require any deposit-taker at any time before the year 1988-89 notwithstanding subsection (4) above.

(8)The Table in section 98 of the Taxes Management Act 1970 (penalties) shall be amended by inserting at the end of the first column— Section 26 of the Finance Act 1984.

(9)In subsection (7) above " depositors ", in relation to a building society, includes shareholders.