London Regional Transport Act 1984

34 Annual report.E+W

(1)Without prejudice to section 32(10) of this Act, London Regional Transport shall, as soon as possible after the end of each accounting year of London Regional Transport, make to the Secretary of State a report on the exercise and performance by them of their functions during that year.

(2)The report shall deal with the activities of any subsidiaries of London Regional Transport, so far as relevant to the performance by London Regional Transport of their functions during the year in question.

(3)The report made under this section in respect of any accounting year of London Regional Transport shall—

(a)include such information as the Secretary of State may from time to time specify in writing with respect to any matter the report is required to deal with by virtue of subsection (1) or (2) above;

(b)include a statement of any action taken during that year by London Regional Transport and any subsidiaries of theirs in relation to, or for the purpose of securing, provision for disabled persons in the public passenger transport services and facilities provided for Greater London (whether by London Regional Transport or any subsidiary of theirs or by any other person);

(c)include a statement of any action taken during that year by London Regional Transport and any subsidiaries of theirs for the purpose of co-ordinating the public passenger transport services provided by, or by any subsidiary of, the Railways Board and those provided by London Regional Transport, any subsidiary of London Regional Transport, or any other person under an agreement entered into by London Regional Transport by virtue of [F1section 3(2) or (2A)(a)] of this Act;

(d)set out any directions given by the Secretary of State to London Regional Transport under this Act during that year, unless the Secretary of State has notified to London Regional Transport his opinion that it is against the interests of national security to do so; and

(e)include a statement of the salaries or fees and of the emoluments of each of the members of London Regional Transport during that year.

(4)The Secretary of State shall lay a copy of every report under this section before each House of Parliament.

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Amendments (Textual)

F1Words in s. 34(3)(c) substituted (17.8.1996) by 1996 c. 21, ss. 4(2)(b), 6(2).