Schedule 1The Council and Committees of the Council : Supplementary Provisions

Part IThe Council

General powers of Council

6(1)Subject to the following provisions of this Part of this Schedule, the Council shall have power to do any thing which in their opinion is calculated to facilitate the proper discharge of their functions.

(2)The Council shall, in particular, have power to pay to their members (including those nominated by the General Medical Council) such fees and such travelling, subsistence or other allowances as they may determine.

(3)The powers of the Council and of any of the Council's committees may be exercised notwithstanding any vacancy.

(4)No proceedings of the Council or of any of the Council's committees shall be invalidated by any defect in the appointment of a member, and no proceedings of the Council shall be invalid by reason of any member nominated by the General Medical Council having acted or voted in a manner not permitted by paragraph 1(3) above.

7(1)The Council may, after paying their expenses, including the payments authorised under this Schedule to be made to their members and the salaries or remuneration of their officers, allocate any money received by them (whether by way of fees or otherwise) to purposes connected with dental education and research or any other public purposes connected with the profession of dentistry in such manner as they may think fit.

(2)The Council shall keep accounts of all sums received or paid by them under this Act, and the accounts shall be audited in the manner prescribed by regulations made by the Privy Council and shall be published annually and laid before Parliament

8(1)The Council may make rules—

(a)for regulating the proceedings (including quorum) of the Council,

(b)for delegating, subject to the provisions of this Act, to committees, including the committees referred to in Part II of this Schedule, functions of the Council, and

(c)subject as aforesaid, for appointing the members and regulating the proceedings (including quorum) of any committees, including the committees referred to in Part II of this Schedule and any sub-committees.

(2)Without prejudice to the generality of sub-paragraph (1) above, rules may be made under that sub-paragraph with respect to the appointment of members to, and the proceedings (including quorum) of, the Health Committee referred to in section 2(4) of this Act.

(3)The power conferred by sub-paragraph (1) above shall also include power to make rules as to the procedure to be followed and rules of evidence to be observed in proceedings before the Professional Conduct Committee (other than proceedings under section 27 of this Act); but rules under this sub-paragraph shall not come into force until approved by order of the Privy Council contained in a statutory instrument, and before making any such rules the Council shall consult such bodies of persons representing dentists as appear to the Council requisite to be consulted.

(4)Nothing in this paragraph shall authorise the Council to delegate any power of making rules or regulations under any other provision of this Act