National Heritage Act 1983

61(1)Section 45 of the 1979 Act (expenditure on archaeological investigation) shall be amended as follows.E+W+S

(2)In subsection (1) after “land" there shall be inserted “ (other than land in England) ”.

(3)After subsection (1) there shall be inserted—

(1A)The Commission may undertake, or assist in, or defray or contribute towards the cost of, an archaeological investigation of any land in England which they consider may contain an ancient monument or anything else of archaeological or historical interest; and the reference to an ancient monument in this subsection shall be construed as if the reference in section 61(12)(b) of this Act to the Secretary of State were to the Commission.

(4)In subsection (3) after “Secretary of State" there shall be inserted “ or the Commission ”.

(5)At the end of subsection (4) there shall be inserted “ (or, as regards the powers mentioned in subsection (1A) above, England). ”