Schedule 5Iron and Steel Activities

1The quarrying or mining of iron ore or the treatment or preparation of iron ore for smelting.

2The smelting of iron ore in a blast furnace with or without other metalliferous materials, or the production of iron by any other process.

3The production of steel by any process.

4The casting of iron or steel by any process.

5The rolling, with or without heat, of any iron and steel products for the purpose of reducing the cross-sectional area thereof.

6The production, with or without heat, of iron or steel forgings, but not including—

(a)smiths' hand forging ;

(b)the production of bolts, nuts, screws, rivets or springs ;

(c)drop forging or any other stamping or pressing involving the use either of a die conforming to the shape of the final product of the stamping or pressing, or of a series of dies one of which so conforms ;

(d)the hammering or pressing of any part or component of plant or machinery carried out incidentally to, and by the persons engaged in, the manufacture or repair of the plant or machinery in which the part or component is to be incorporated.

7The production from iron or steel of bright bars or of hot-finished tubes or of hot-finished pipes.

8The production of tinplate or terneplate. Note: The production of pig iron and the production of steel in the form of ingots, slabs, blooms or billets shall be deemed not to fall within paragraph 4 of this Schedule but to fall within paragraph 2 or 3 thereof, as the case may be.