Schedule 1Public Service Vehicles : Conditions Affecting Status or Classification

Part IIIAlternative Conditions Affecting Status or Classification

5Arrangements for the bringing together of all the passengers for the purpose of making the journey must have been made otherwise than by, or by a person acting on behalf of—

(a)the holder of the PSV operator's licence under which the vehicle is to be used, if such a licence is in force.

(b)the driver or the owner of the vehicle or any person who has made the vehicle available under any arrangement, if no such licence is in force,

and otherwise than by any person who receives any remuneration in respect of the arrangements.

6The journey must be made without previous advertisement to the public of the arrangements therefor.

7All passengers must, in the case of a journey to a particular destination, be carried to, or to the vicinity of, that destination, or, in the case of a tour, be carried for the greater part of the journey.

8No differentiation of fares for the journey on the basis of distance or of time must be made.