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Public Passenger Vehicles Act 1981


This is the original version (as it was originally enacted).

  1. Introductory Text

  2. Part I Preliminary

    1. Definition and classification of public service vehicles

      1. 1.Definition of " public service vehicle "

      2. 2.Classification of public service vehicles as stage, express or contract carriages

    2. Traffic Areas and Traffic Commissioners

      1. 3.Traffic areas

      2. 4.Traffic commissioners

      3. 5.Appointment and terms of service of traffic commissioners

  3. Part II General Provisions Relating to Public Service Vehicles

    1. Fitness of public service vehicles

      1. 6.Certificate of initial fitness (or equivalent) required for use as public service vehicles

      2. 7.Certifying officers and public service vehicle examiners

      3. 8.Powers of, and facilities for, inspection of public service vehicles

      4. 9.Power to prohibit driving of unfit public service vehicles

      5. 10.Approval of type vehicle and effect thereof

      6. 11.Modification of section 6 in relation to experimental vehicles

    2. Public service vehicle operators' licences

      1. 12.PSV operators' licences

      2. 13.Classification of licences

      3. 14.Grant of licences

      4. 15.Duration of licences

      5. 16.Conditions attached to licences

      6. 17.Revocation, suspension etc. of licences

      7. 18.Duty to exhibit operator's disc

      8. 19.Duty to inform traffic commissioners of relevant convictions etc.

      9. 20.Duty to give traffic commissioners information about vehicles

      10. 21.Certificates of qualification

    3. Drivers' licences

      1. 22.Drivers' licences

      2. 23.Appeals to courts of summary jurisdiction in connection with drivers' licences

    4. Regulation of conduct etc. of drivers, inspectors, conductors and passengers

      1. 24.Regulation of conduct of drivers, inspectors and conductors

      2. 25.Regulation of conduct of passengers

      3. 26.Control of number of passengers

    5. Supplementary provisions

      1. 27.Returns to be provided by persons operating public service vehicles

      2. 28.Wages and conditions of employment of persons employed in connection with public service vehicles

      3. 29.Avoidance of contracts so far as restrictive of liability in respect of death of or injury to passengers in public service vehicles

  4. Part III Provisions Relating to Stage Carriage Services

    1. Road service licences

      1. 30.Road services licences required for operation of stage carriage services

      2. 31.Grant of road service licences

      3. 32.Attachment to road service licences of conditions as to matters other than fares

      4. 33.Attachment to road service licences of conditions as to fares

      5. 34.Grant of road service licences for services on routes not otherwise served

      6. 35.Grant of road service licences for certain excursions or tours

      7. 36.Revocation and suspension of road service licences

      8. 37.Duration of road service licences

    2. Trial areas

      1. 38.Designation of trial areas

      2. 39.Stage carriage services in trial areas

      3. 40.Duty to publish particulars of stage carriage services in trial areas

      4. 41.Relaxation in trial areas of operators' duties to co-operate and exchange information

  5. Part IV Modification of Requirements of Parts II and III in Relation to Certain Vehicles and Areas

    1. Use of certain vehicles by educational and other bodies

      1. 42.Use of certain vehicles by educational and other bodies

      2. 43.Supplementary provisions as to permits under section 42

      3. 44.Regulations for purposes of sections 42 and 43

    2. Community bus services

      1. 45.Community bus services

    3. Fare-paying passengers on school buses

      1. 46.Fare-paying passengers on school buses

    4. Provisions relating to areas designated as experimental areas

      1. 47.Designation of experimental areas

      2. 48.Powers of local authorities in relation to experimental areas

      3. 49.Travel concessions

  6. Part V Miscellaneous and Supplementary

    1. Appeals to the Secretary of State

      1. 50.Appeals to the Secretary of State

      2. 51.Further appeals on points of law

    2. Financial provisions

      1. 52.Fees for grant of licences etc.

      2. 53.Payment of expenses

    3. Provisions relating to traffic commissioners etc.

      1. 54.Procedure of traffic commissioners

      2. 55.Annual report of traffic commissioners and metropolitan police commissioner

      3. 56.Records of licences

    4. Supplementary provisions as to licences etc.

      1. 57.Death, bankruptcy etc. of licence holder

      2. 58.Partnership and related matters

    5. Regulations

      1. 59.Power to make regulations as to procedure on applications for licences etc.

      2. 60.General power to make regulations for purposes of Act

      3. 61.Exercise of regulation making powers and parliamentary control thereof

    6. Provisions relating to Metropolitan Traffic Area

      1. 62.Power of Secretary of State to transfer licensing functions of metropolitan police commissioner to traffic commissioners

      2. 63.Accounts of metropolitan police commissioner

      3. 64.Exclusion of certain enactments as respects Metropolitan Traffic Area

    7. Provisions relating to offences and legal proceedings

      1. 65.Forgery and misuse of documents etc.

      2. 66.False statements to obtain licence etc.

      3. 67.Penalty for breach of regulations

      4. 68.Defences available to persons charged with certain offences

      5. 69.Restriction on institution in England and Wales of proceedings under Part II or III

      6. 70.Duty to give information as to identity of driver in certain cases

      7. 71.Evidence by certificate

      8. 72.Proof in summary proceedings of identity of driver of vehicle

      9. 73.Time within which summary proceedings for certain offences must be commenced

      10. 74.Offences by companies

      11. 75.Destination of fines

    8. Inquiries

      1. 76.General power to hold inquiries

      2. 77.General provisions as to inquiries

    9. Supplementary provisions

      1. 78.Power of Secretary of State to modify or revoke restrictions in local Acts

      2. 79.Vehicles excluded from regulation as private hire vehicles

      3. 80.Construction of references to traffic areas

      4. 81.Interpretation of references to the operator of a vehicle or service

      5. 82.General interpretation provisions

      6. 83.Construction of references in other Acts etc. to public service vehicles, licensing authorities etc.

      7. 84.Protection of public interests

      8. 85.Saving for law of nuisance

      9. 86.Saving for ss. 16 and 17 of the Interpretation Act 1978

      10. 87.Power of Secretary of State to repeal section 10

      11. 88.Transitional provisions, consequential amendments and repeals

      12. 89.Short title, commencement and extent

  7. Schedules

    1. Schedule 1

      Public Service Vehicles : Conditions Affecting Status or Classification

      1. Part I Sharing of Taxis and Hire-Cars

        1. 1.The making of the agreement for the payment of separate...

        2. 2.(1) The journey must be made without previous advertisement to...

        3. 3.The journey must not be made in conjunction with, or...

      2. Part II Parties of Overseas Visitors

        1. 4.Each of the passengers making the journey must have been...

      3. Part III Alternative Conditions Affecting Status or Classification

        1. 5.Arrangements for the bringing together of all the passengers for...

        2. 6.The journey must be made without previous advertisement to the...

        3. 7.All passengers must, in the case of a journey to...

        4. 8.No differentiation of fares for the journey on the basis...

      4. Part IV Supplementary

        1. 9.For the purposes of paragraphs 2 and 6 above no...

    2. Schedule 2

      Traffic Commissioners

      1. Terms of service of traffic commissioners

        1. 1.A traffic commissioner for any traffic area, other than the...

        2. 2.The Secretary of State may remove a traffic commissioner from...

        3. 3.If a traffic commissioner acquires a financial interest in a...

      2. Appointment and terms of office of deputies to chairman

        1. 4.In the case of illness, incapacity or absence of a...

        2. 5.If the Secretary of State considers that, owing to the...

        3. 6.A person appointed under paragraph 5 above shall be appointed...

      3. Traffic commissioners' staff

        1. 7.Subject to the approval of the Minister for the Civil...

      4. Remuneration and pensions

        1. 8.There shall be paid to the chairman of the traffic...

        2. 9.There shall be paid to any member, other than the...

        3. 10.The principal civil service pension scheme within the meaning of...

    3. Schedule 3

      Supplementary Provision as to Qualifications for PSV Operators Licence

      1. Good repute

        1. 1.(1) In determining whether an individual is of good repute,...

      2. Appropriate financial standing

        1. 2.Being of appropriate financial standing in relation to an applicant...

      3. Professional competence

        1. 3.References in Part II of this Act to professional competence...

        2. 4.Where an individual is not himself professionally competent, the requirement...

        3. 5.Where the holder of a PSV operator's licence relies on...

        4. 6.Subject to paragraph 10 below, an individual shall be regarded...

        5. 7.In paragraph 6 above " approved body " means—

      4. Persons engaged in road passenger transport before 1st January 1978

        1. 8.(1) Paragraphs 9 and 10 below apply only to persons...

        2. 9.(1) An individual or company authorised to engage in the...

        3. 10.For the purpose of Part II of this Act, an...

    4. Schedule 4

      Orders Designating Trial Areas

      1. Applications for designation orders

        1. 1.(1) Not less than 21 days before making an application...

        2. 2.(1) Before making such an application the local authority concerned...

        3. 3.Every application for a designation order shall be accompanied by...

      2. Variation or revocation of designation orders

        1. 4.Before making an application to the Secretary of State for...

        2. 5.Paragraph 3 above shall apply in relation to an application...

        3. 6.(1) Subject to sub-paragraph (2) below, an order under section...

    5. Schedule 5

      Authorisations Under Section 48 in Relation to Experimental Areas

      1. General authorisations

        1. 1.There shall by virtue of this paragraph be attached to...

        2. 2.(1) A general authorisation shall be granted by resolution of...

        3. 3.(1) The local authority concerned may by resolution vary a...

      2. Special authorisations

        1. 4.In deciding whether to grant a special authorisation or whether...

        2. 5.(1) The local authority granting a special authorisation may attach...

        3. 6.(1) The local authority concerned— (a) may by notice in...

        4. 7.A special authorisation shall not be transferable.

      3. Duration of authorisations

        1. 8.Unless previously revoked, an authorisation shall cease to have effect...

      4. Revocation of authorisations

        1. 9.The local authority concerned may revoke an authorisation at any...

        2. 10.(1) Revocation of a general authorisation shall be effected by...

      5. Special authorisations requiring the consent of other local authorities

        1. 11.Every special authorisation granted with the consent of one or...

      6. General

        1. 12.Where an authorisation ceases to have effect or is varied...

        2. 13.(1) A local authority shall before— (a) passing any resolution...

        3. 14.For the purposes of paragraph 1(b) above no account shall...

    6. Schedule 6

      Transitional Provisions and Savings

      1. Periods of time

        1. 1.Where a period of time specified in an enactment repealed...

      2. Saving for transitional provisions and savings in orders under section 70(5) and (6) of Transport Act 1980

        1. 2.Where any provision of the Transport Act 1980 which is...

      3. Certificates of initial fitness

        1. 3.A certificate of fitness issued in respect of a vehicle...

        2. 4.For the purposes of subsection (1) of section 6 of...

    7. Schedule 7

      Consequential Amendments

      1. Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1953 (c.26)

        1. 1.In section 4(4) of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act...

      2. Local Government (Omnibus Shelters and Queue Barriers) . (Scotland) Act 1958 (c.50)

        1. 2.In section 7(1) of the Local Government (Omnibus and Queue...

      3. Finance Act 1965 (c.25)

        1. 3.In section 92 of the Finance Act 1965, in the...

      4. Road Traffic Regulation Act 1967 (c.76)

        1. 4.In section 6 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1967—...

        2. 5.In section 9(8) of that Act for the words "section...

        3. 6.In sections 15(4) and 33(5) of that Act for the...

        4. 7.In section 104(1) of that Act for the words "Part...

        5. 8.In Schedule 5 to that Act, in paragraph 26 in...

      5. Transport Act 1968 (c.73)

        1. 9.In section 59(1) of the Transport Act 1968 for the...

        2. 10.In section 159(1) of that Act— (a) in the definition...

      6. Transport (London) Act 1969 (c.35)

        1. 11.In section 23 of the Transport (London) Act 1969—

      7. Road Traffic Act 1972 (c.20)

        1. 12.In section 8(8) of the Road Traffic Act 1972 the...

        2. 13.In section 37(5) of that Act after the words "...

        3. 14.In sections 44(4), 53(2), 56(1), 58(2), 82, 113(1), 124, 160(4),...

        4. 15.In section 50(6) of that Act for the words "...

      8. Road Traffic (Foreign Vehicles) Act 1972 (c.27)

        1. 16.In section 4(2)(b) of the Road Traffic (Foreign Vehicles) Act...

        2. 17.In section 7(1) of that Act— (a) in the definition...

        3. 18.In Schedule 1 to that Act for the words "...

      9. Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 (c.57)

        1. 19.In section 63(3)(b) of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act...

        2. 20.In section 80(1) of that Act, in the definition of...

      10. Energy Act 1976 (c.76)

        1. 21.In paragraph 1 of Schedule 1 to the Energy Act...

        2. 22.In paragraph 2 of Schedule 1 to that Act for...

      11. Transport Act 1978 (c.55)

        1. 23.In section 1(2)(a) of the Transport Act 1978 for the...

      12. Transport Act 1980 (c.34)

        1. 24.In section 43(1) of the Transport Act 1980 for the...

    8. Schedule 8


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