Banking Act 1979

  1. Introductory Text

  2. Part I Control of Deposit-Taking

    1. Ambit of control

      1. 1.Control of deposit-taking and meaning of " deposit"

      2. 2.Exceptions from prohibition in section 1(1)

    2. The system of recognition and licensing by the Bank

      1. 3.Recognition and licences

      2. 4.Annual report and list of recognised and licensed institutions

      3. 5.Recognition and licences: procedure on applications

    3. Revocation of recognition or licence etc

      1. 6.Grounds for revocation of recognition or licence

      2. 7.Revocation: powers and procedure

      3. 8.Power to give directions in connection with termination of deposit-taking authority

      4. 9.Duration of directions and direction-making power

      5. 10.Conditional licences

    4. Appeals

      1. 11.Appeals from decisions of the Bank

      2. 12.Regulations with respect to appeals

      3. 13.Further appeal on points of law

    5. Duties of licensed institutions

      1. 14.Duty to notify changes of directors etc

      2. 15.Audited accounts of licensed institutions to be open to inspection

    6. Powers of the Bank

      1. 16.Powers to obtain information and require production of documents

      2. 17.Investigations on behalf of the Bank

      3. 18.Winding up on petition from the Bank

      4. 19.Confidentiality of information obtained by the Bank

      5. 20.Information disclosed to the Bank from other sources

  3. Part II The Deposit Protection Scheme

    1. The Board and the Fund

      1. 21.The Deposit Protection Board

      2. 22.The Deposit Protection Fund

    2. Contributions to the Fund

      1. 23.Contributory institutions and general provisions as to contributions

      2. 24.Initial contributions

      3. 25.Further contributions

      4. 26.Special contributions and power to borrow

      5. 27.Maximum and minimum contributions

    3. Payments out of the Fund

      1. 28.Payments to depositors when institution becomes insolvent

      2. 29.Protected deposits

      3. 30.Trustee deposits and joint deposits

      4. 31.Liability of insolvent institutions in respect of payments made by the Board

    4. Repayments in respect of contributions

      1. 32.Repayments in respect of contributions

      2. 33.Tax treatment of contributions and repayments

  4. Part III Advertisements and Banking Names

    1. Advertisements for deposits

      1. 34.Control of advertisements for deposits

      2. 35.Specific prohibitions etc. directed at licensed institutions

    2. Banking names and descriptions

      1. 36.Restriction on use of certain names and descriptions

      2. 37.Transitory exceptions from section 36(1)

  5. Part IV Miscellaneous and General

    1. 38.Amendments of Consumer Credit Act 1974

    2. 39.Fraudulent inducement to make a deposit

    3. 40.Representative offices of overseas deposit-taking institutions

    4. 41.Offences

    5. 42.Offences committed by unincorporated institutions

    6. 43.Exclusion of certain provisions relating to rehabilitation of offenders

    7. 44.Evidence

    8. 45.Service of notices

    9. 46.Repeal of certain enactments relating to banks and banking

    10. 47.Defence of contributory negligence

    11. 48.Municipal banks

    12. 49.Meaning of " director ", " controller " and " manager "

    13. 50.Interpretation

    14. 51.Consequential amendments and repeals

    15. 52.Short title, commencement and extent

    1. Schedule 1

      Exceptions from prohibition in section 1

    2. Schedule 2

      Minimum criteria for deposit-taking institutions

    3. Schedule 3

      Transitional provisions

    4. Schedule 4

      Revocation of recognition or licence

    5. Schedule 5

      The Deposit Protection Board

    6. Schedule 6

      Consequential amendments

    7. Schedule 7

      Enactments repealed