Part IRegistration of Interests in Land

4Applications for registration

(1)Subject to subsection (2) below, an application for registration shall be accepted by the Keeper if it is accompanied by such documents and other evidence as he may require.

(2)An application for registration shall not be accepted by the Keeper if—

(a)it relates to land which is not sufficiently described to enable him to identify it by reference to the Ordnance Map;

(b)it relates to land which is a souvenir plot, that is a piece of land which, being of inconsiderable size or no practical utility, is unlikely to be wanted in isolation except for the sake of mere ownership or for sentimental reasons or commemorative purposes ; or

(c)it is frivolous or vexatious ;

(d)a deed which—

(i)accompanies the application ;

(ii)relates to a registered interest in land; and

(iii)is executed after that interest has been registered,

does not bear a reference to the number of the title sheet of that interest.

(3)On receipt of an application for registration, the Keeper shall forthwith note the date of such receipt, and that date shall be deemed for the purposes of this Act to be the date of registration either—

(a)where the application, after examination by the Keeper,

is accepted by him, or

(b)where the application is not accepted by him on the grounds that it does not comply with subsection (1) or (2)(a) or (d) above but, without being rejected by the Keeper or withdrawn by the applicant, is subsequently accepted by the Keeper on his being satisfied that it does so comply, or has been made so to comply.