Transport Act 1978

8In section 1 (stopping and checking foreign vehicles for mechanical defect, overload, etc.), after subsection (5) insert—E+W+S

(6)In the case of a goods vehicle—

(a) a prohibition under subsection 2(b) above, by reference to a supposed contravention of—

(i)section 40 of the Road Traffic Act 1972 (construction, weight, equipment etc. of moter vehicles and trailers),

(ii)any of sections 68 to 73 and 76 to 79 of that Act (lights, overhanging or projecting load, etc.), or

(iii)regulations under any of the sections of that Act referred to above in this paragraph,

may be imposed with a direction making it irremovable unles and until the vehicle has been inspected at an official testing station;

(b)a prohibition imposed under subsection (3) above may be against driving the vehicle on a road until the weight has been reduced and official notification has been given to whoever is for the time being in charge of the vehicle that it is permitted to proceed.

(7)Official notification for the purposes of subsection (6)(b) above must be in writing and be given by an authorised person and may be withheld until the vehicle has been weighed or re-weighed in order to satisfy the person giving the notification that the weight has been sufficiently reduced.