State Immunity Act 1978

22 General interpretation.E+W+S+N.I.

(1)In this Act “court” includes any tribunal or body exercising judicial functions; and references to the courts or law of the United Kingdom include references to the courts or law of any part of the United Kingdom.

(2)In this Act references to entry of appearance and judgments in default of appearance include references to any corresponding procedures.

(3)In this Act “the European Convention on State Immunity” means the Convention of that name signed in Basle on 16th May 1972.

(4)In this Act “dependent territory” means—

(a)any of the Channel Islands;

(b)the Isle of Man;

(c)any colony other than one for whose external relations a country other than the United Kingdom is responsible; or

(d)any country or territory outside Her Majesty’s dominions in which Her Majesty has jurisdiction in right of the government of the United Kingdom.

(5)Any power conferred by this Act to make an Order in Council includes power to vary or revoke a previous Order.