National Health Service (Scotland) Act 1978

27Arrangements for provision of pharmaceutical services

(1)It shall be the duty of every Health Board to make, in accordance with regulations, arrangements as respects its area for the supply to persons who are in that area of—

(a)proper and sufficient drugs and medicines and listed appliances which are ordered for those persons by a medical practitioner in pursuance of his functions in the health service, the health service for England and Wales, the Northern Ireland health service or the armed forces of the Crown (excluding forces of a Commonwealth country and forces raised in a colony), and

(b)listed drugs and medicines which are ordered for those persons by a dental practitioner in pursuance of such functions;

and the services provided in accordance with the arrangements are in this Act referred to as " pharmaceutical services ". In this subsection—

  • " listed" means included in a list for the time being approved by the Secretary of State for the purposes of this subsection;

  • " the health service for England and Wales" and " the Northern Ireland health service " mean respectively the health service established in pursuance of section 1 of the National Health Service Act 1946 or any service provided in pursuance of Article 4(a) of the Health and Personal Social Services (Northern Ireland) Order 1972.

(2)Regulations may make provision for securing that arrangements made under this section will be such as to enable any person for whom they are ordered as mentioned in subsection (1) to receive the drugs, medicines and appliances there mentioned from any persons with whom such arrangements have been made; and the regulations shall include provision—

(a)for the preparation and publication of lists of persons who undertake to provide pharmaceutical services ;

(b)for conferring a right, subject to the provisions of this Part relating to the disqualification of practitioners, on any person who wishes to be included in any such list, to be included for the purpose of supplying such drugs, medicines and appliances as that person is entitled by law to sell; and

(c)for the removal from the list of persons undertaking to provide pharmaceutical services for persons in any area of the name of any person in whose case it has been determined in such manner as may be prescribed that he has never provided or has ceased to provide such pharmaceutical services for persons in that area.