Part IAmendment of Law for England and Wales and Northern Ireland

Avoidance of liability for negligence, breach of contract, etc.

3Liability arising in contract

(1)This section applies as between contracting parties where one of them deals as consumer or on the other's written standard terms of business.

(2)As against that party, the other cannot by reference to any contract term—

(a)when himself in breach of contract, exclude or restrict any liability of his in respect of the breach ; or

(b)claim to be entitled—

(i)to render a contractual performance substantially different from that which was reasonably expected of him, or

(ii)in respect of the whole or any part of his contractual obligation, to render no performance at all,

except in so far as (in any of the cases mentioned above in this subsection) the contract term satisfies the requirement of reasonableness.