Criminal Jurisdiction Act 1975

Admissibility of statement of evidenceN.I.

6(1)A statement of evidence of a witness taken in compliance with the letter of request shall, subject to sub-paragraph (2) below, be admissible in the proceedings for which the letter of request was issued as evidence of any fact stated therein of which evidence by the witness would be admissible if given in the course of those proceedings.N.I.

(2)The statement shall be so admissible if—

(a)all the members of the court were present throughout the taking of the evidence, and

(b)the statement was certified by the judge of the High Court in the Republic of Ireland who took it to be a true and accurate statement of the evidence so taken.

(3)A document purporting to be such a certificate and to be signed by the said judge shall be deemed to be such a certificate and to be so signed unless the contrary is shown.