Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act 1975

24 Consignment of salmon and trout.E+W

(1)A person who consigns or sends a package containing salmon or trout by any common or other carrier shall be guilty of an offence unless the outside of the package containing it is conspicuously marked “salmon” or “trout”, as the case may be.

(2)An authorised officer may open any package consigned or sent by a carrier, or brought to any place to be so consigned or sent, and suspected to contain salmon or trout.

(3)If any such package is found to contain salmon or trout and is not marked in accordance with this section, or if there is reasonable cause to suspect that the salmon or trout contained in any marked package is being dealt with contrary to law, an authorised officer may detain the package and its contents until proof is given that the salmon or trout is not being so dealt with.

(4)The power to detain salmon or trout conferred by subsection (3) above shall be exercisable also in relation to salmon or trout not packed in a package.

(5)If any salmon or trout detained under this section becomes unfit for human food before the proof required by subsection (3) above is given, an authorised officer may destroy it or cause it to be destroyed.

(6)If any person refuses to allow an authorised officer to exercise the powers conferred by this section, or obstructs such an officer in their exercise, he shall be guilty of an offence.