Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1975

307 Attendance at court of parent of child charged with an offence, etc.S

(1)Where a child is charged with any offence, his parent or guardian may in any case, and shall, if he can be found and resides within a reasonable distance, be required to attend at the court before which the case is heard or determined during all the stages of the proceedings, unless the court is satisfied that it would be unreasonable to require his attendance.

(2)Where the child is arrested, the constable by whom he is arrested or the officer of police in charge of the police station to which he is brought shall cause the parent or guardian of the child, if he can be found, to be warned to attend at the court before which the child will appear.

(3)For the purpose of enforcing the attendance of a parent or guardian and enabling him to take part in the proceedings and enabling orders to be made against him, rules may be made under section 457 of this Act, for applying, with the necessary adaptations and modifications, such of the provisions of this Part of this Act as appear appropriate for the purpose.

(4)The parent or guardian whose attendance shall be required under this section shall be the parent or guardian having the actual possession and control of the child:

Provided that, if that person is not the father, the attendance of the father may also be required.

(5)The attendance of the parent of a child shall not be required under this section in any case where the child was before the institution of the proceedings removed from the custody or charge of his parent by an order of a court.