Social Security Act 1975

128Her Majesty's forces

(1)Subject to section 127(2) above and to this section, a person who is serving as a member of Her Majesty's forces shall, while he is so serving, be treated for the purposes of this Act as an employed earner in respect of his membership of those forces.

(2)The Secretary of State may make regulations modifying Parts I, II and III of this Act, in such manner as he thinks proper, in their application to persons who are or have been members of Her Majesty's forces; and regulations under this section may in particular provide—

(a)in the case of persons who are employed earners in respect of their membership of those forces, for reducing the rate of the contributions payable in respect of their employment and for determining—

(i)the amounts payable on account of those contributions by the Secretary of State and the time and manner of payment, and

(ii)the deductions (if any) to be made on account of those contributions from the pay of those persons;

(b)for preventing a person who is discharged from Her Majesty's forces at his own request from being thereby disqualified for receiving unemployment benefit on the ground that he has voluntarily left his employment without just cause.

(3)For the purposes of this Act, Her Majesty's forces shall be taken to consist of such establishments and organisations as may be prescribed, being establishments and organisations in which persons serve under the control of the Defence Council.

(4)The Secretary of State's power under subsection (2) above to make regulations with respect to Her Majesty's forces and his corresponding power to make regulations under section 123 of the Social Security (Northern Ireland) Act 1975 together have the same extent as the former power under section 40(3) of the 1973. Act when made by the Social Security Amendment Act 1974. to extend to the whole of the United Kingdom.