Schedule 4Transitional Provisions

6(1)In so far as anything done or treated as done under any enactment contained in the 1971 Act, which is re-enacted, with or without amendment, in a corresponding provision of Schedule 1 or Schedule 2 to this Act, could have been done under that provision, then, subject to sub-paragraph (3) below, it shall on the commencement of that Schedule have effect as if done under that provision.

(2)In particular, sub-paragraph (1) above applies to the following things done under any such enactment, that is to say—

any complaint presented ;

any application, determination, recommendation, award, order, regulations, appointment, request or report made ;

any certificate, exemption or notice given.

(3)Sub-paragraph (1) above shall not apply to anything done under those provisions of the 1971 Act which continue to apply to dismissals by virtue only of paragraph 2 above.

(4)Without prejudice to sub-paragraph (1) above, any regulations made wholly or partly under Section 46 of the Redundancy Payments Act 1965 and in force immediately before the passing of this Act shall so far as so made continue in force and have effect as if made under paragraph 21 of Schedule 1 to this Act.