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Part VE+W+S+N.I. Entry into Credit or Hire Agreements

Preliminary mattersE+W+S+N.I.

56 Antecedent negotiations.E+W+S+N.I.

(1)In this Act “antecedent negotiations ” means any negotiations with the debtor or hirer—

(a)conducted by the creditor or owner in relation to the making of any regulated agreement, or

(b)conducted by a credit-broker in relation to goods sold or proposed to be sold by the credit-broker to the creditor before forming the subject-matter of a debtor-creditor-supplier agreement within section 12(a), or

(c)conducted by the supplier in relation to a transaction financed or proposed to be financed by a debtor-creditor-supplier agreement within section 12(b) or (c),

and “negotiator ” means the person by whom negotiations are so conducted with the debtor or hirer.

(2)Negotiations with the debtor in a case falling within subsection (1)(b) or (c) shall be deemed to be conducted by the negotiator in the capacity of agent of the creditor as well as in his actual capacity.

(3)An agreement is void if, and to the extent that, it purports in relation to an actual or prospective regulated agreement—

(a)to provide that a person acting as, or on behalf of, a negotiator is to be treated as the agent of the debtor or hirer, or

(b)to relieve a person from liability for acts or omissions of any person acting as, or on behalf of, a negotiator.

(4)For the purposes of this Act, antecedent negotiations shall be taken to begin when the negotiator and the debtor or hirer first enter into communication (including communication by advertisement), and to include any representations made by the negotiator to the debtor or hirer and any other dealings between them.