Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974

58Other financial provisions

(1)The authority for the time being responsible for maintaining the employment medical advisory service may pay—

(a)to employment medical advisers such salaries or such fees and travelling or other allowances; and

(b)to other persons called upon to give advice in connection with the execution of the authority's functions under this Part such travelling or other allowances or compensation for loss of remunerative time; and

(c)to persons attending for medical examinations conducted by, or in accordance with arrangements made by, employment medical advisers (including pathological, physiological and radiological tests and similar investigations so conducted) such travelling or subsistence allowances or such compensation for loss of earnings, as the authority may, with the requisite approval, determine.

(2)For the purposes of the preceding subsection the requisite approval is—

(a)where the said authority is the Secretary of State, the approval of the Minister for the Civil Service ;

(b)otherwise, the approval of the Secretary of State given with the consent of that Minister.

(3)Where an authority other than the Secretary of State is responsible for maintaining the said service, it shall be the duty of the Secretary of State to pay to that authority such sums as are approved by the Treasury and as he considers appropriate for the purpose of enabling the authority to discharge that responsibility.