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Section 15.

SCHEDULE 3E+W+S Subject-Matter of Health and Safety Regulations

1(1)Regulating or prohibiting—E+W+S

(a)the manufacture, supply or use of any plant;

(b)the manufacture, supply, keeping or use of any substance;

(c)the carrying on of any process or the carrying out of any operation.

(2)Imposing requirements with respect to the design, construction, guarding, siting, installation, commissioning, examination, repair, maintenance, alteration, adjustment, dismantling, testing or inspection of any plant.

(3)Imposing requirements with respect to the marking of any plant or of any articles used or designed for use as components in any plant, and in that connection regulating or restricting the use of specified markings.

(4)Imposing requirements with respect to the testing, labelling or examination of any substance.

(5)Imposing requirements with respect to the carrying out of research in connection with any activity mentioned in subparagraphs (1) to (4) above.

2(1)Prohibiting the importation into the United Kingdom or the landing or unloading there of articles or substances of any specified description, whether absolutely or unless conditions imposed by or under the regulations are complied with.E+W+S

(2)Specifying, in a case where an act or omission in relation to such an importation, landing or unloading as is mentioned in the preceding sub-paragraph constitutes an offence under a provision of this Act and of [F1the Customs and Excise Acts 1979] the Act under which the offence is to be punished.


Amendments (Textual)

3(1)Prohibiting or regulating the transport of articles or substances of any specified description.E+W+S

(2)Imposing requirements with respect to the manner and means of transporting articles or substances of any specified description, including requirements with respect to the construction, testing and marking of containers and means of transport and the packaging and labelling of articles or substances in connection with their transport.

4(1)Prohibiting the carrying on of any specified activity or the doing of any specified thing except under the authority and in accordance with the terms and conditions of a licence, or except with the consent or approval of a specified authority.E+W+S

(2)Providing for the grant, renewal, variation, transfer and revocation of licences (including the variation and revocation of conditions attached to licences).

5Requiring any person, premises or thing to be registered in any specified circumstances or as a condition of the carrying on of any specified activity or the doing of any specified thing.E+W+S

6(1)Requiring, in specified circumstances, the appointment (whether in a specified capacity or not) of persons (or persons with specified qualifications or experience, or both) to perform specified functions, and imposing duties or conferring powers on persons appointed (whether in pursuance of the regulations or not) to perform specified functions.E+W+S

(2)Restricting the performance of specified functions to persons possessing specified qualifications or experience.

7Regulating or prohibiting the employment in specified circumstances of all persons or any class of persons.E+W+S

8(1)Requiring the making of arrangements for securing the health of persons at work or other persons, including arrangements for medical examinations and health surveys.E+W+S

(2)Requiring the making of arrangements for monitoring the atmospheric or other conditions in which persons work.

9Imposing requirements with respect to any matter affecting the conditions in which persons work, including in particular such matters as the structural condition and stability of premises, the means of access to and egress from premises, cleanliness, temperature, lighting, ventilation, overcrowding, noise, vibrations, ionising and other radiations, dust and fumes.E+W+S

10Securing the provision of specified welfare facilities for persons at work, including in particular such things as an adequate water supply, sanitary conveniences, washing and bathing facilities, ambulance and first-aid arrangements, cloakroom accommodation, sitting facilities and refreshment facilities.E+W+S

11Imposing requirements with respect to the provision and use in specified circumstances of protective clothing or equipment, including clothing affording protection against the weather.E+W+S

12Requiring in specified circumstances the taking of specified precautions in connection with the risk of fire.E+W+S

13(1)Prohibiting or imposing requirements in connection with the emission into the atmosphere of any specified gas, smoke or dust or any other specified substance whatsoever.E+W+S

(2)Prohibiting or imposing requirements in connection with the emission of noise, vibrations or any ionising or other radiations.

(3)Imposing requirements with respect to the monitoring of any such emission as is mentioned in the preceding sub-paragraphs.

14Imposing requirements with respect to the instruction, training and supervision of persons at work.E+W+S

15(1)Requiring in specified circumstances, specified matters to be notified in a specified manner to specified persons.E+W+S

(2)Empowering inspectors in specified circumstances to require persons to submit written particulars of measures proposed to be taken to achieve compliance with any of the relevant statutory provisions.

16Imposing requirements with respect to the keeping and preservation of records and other documents, including plans and maps.E+W+S

17Imposing requirements with respect to the management of animals.E+W+S

18The following purposes as regards premises of any specified description where persons work, namely—E+W+S

(a)requiring precautions to be taken against dangers to which the premises or persons therein are or may be exposed by reason of conditions (including natural conditions) existing in the vicinity;

(b)securing that persons in the premises leave them in specified circumstances.

19Conferring, in specified circumstances involving a risk of fire or explosion, power to search a person or any article which a person has with him for the purpose of ascertaining whether he has in his possession any article of a specified kind likely in those circumstances to cause a fire or explosion, and power to seize and dispose of any article of that kind found on such a search.E+W+S

20Restricting, prohibiting or requiring the doing of any specified thing where any accident or other occurrence of a specified kind has occurred.E+W+S

21As regards cases of any specified class, being a class such that the variety in the circumstances of particular cases within it calls for the making of special provision for particular cases, any of the following purposes, namely—E+W+S

(a)conferring on employers or other persons power to make rules or give directions with respect to matters affecting health or safety;

(b)requiring employers or other persons to make rules with respect to any such matters;

(c)empowering specified persons to require employers or other persons either to make rules with respect to any such matters or to modify any such rules previously made by virtue of this paragraph; and

(d)making admissible in evidence without further proof, in such circumstances and subject to such conditions as may be specified, documents which purport to be copies of rules or rules of any specified class made under this paragraph.

22Conferring on any local or public authority power to make byelaws with respect to any specified matter, specifying the authority or person by whom any byelaws made in the exercise of that power need to be confirmed, and generally providing for the procedure to be followed in connection with the making of any such byelaws.E+W+S


23(1)In this Schedule “specified” means specified in health and safety regulations.E+W+S

(2)It is hereby declared that the mention in this Schedule of a purpose that falls within any more general purpose mentioned therein is without prejudice to the generality of the more general purpose.