Road Traffic Act 1972

169Forgery of documents, etc.

(1)A person shall be guilty of an offence who, with intent to deceive—

(a)forges, or alters, or uses or lends to, or allows to be used by, any other person, a document or other thing to which this section applies, or

(b)makes or has in his possession any document or other thing so closely resembling a document or other thing to which this section applies as to be calculated to deceive.

(2)This section applies to the following documents and other things, namely—

(a)any licence under any Part of this Act;

(b)any test certificate, goods vehicle test certificate, plating certificate, manufacturer's certificate or Minister's approval certificate;

(c)any plate containing plated particulars or containing other particulars required to be marked on a goods vehicle by section 47 of this Act or regulations thereunder ;

(d)any records required to be kept by virtue of section 59 of this Act;

(e)any document which, in pursuance of section 85(2) or 119(1) of this Act, is issued as evidence of the result of a test of competence to drive ;

(f)any badge or certificate prescribed by regulations under section 135 of this Act;

(g)any certificate of insurance or certificate of security under Part VI of this Act;

(h)any document issued under regulations made by the Secretary of State in pursuance of his power under paragraph (i) of section 162(1) of this Act to prescribe evidence which may be produced in lieu of a certificate of insurance or a certificate of security.

(3)In this section " plated particulars", " manufacturer's certificate " and " Minister's approval certificate " have the same meanings as they respectively have for the purposes of Part II of this Act; and in the application of this section to England and Wales " forges " means forges within the meaning of the Forgery Act 1913.