Schedule 5The Adjudicators and the Tribunal

Part IIThe Tribunal


6The Tribunal shall consist of such number of members as the Lord Chancellor may determine, and the Lord Chancellor shall appoint one of them to be president.

7The president and such number of the other members of the Tribunal as the Lord Chancellor may determine shall be barristers, advocates or solicitors, in each case of not less than seven years standing.

8(1)A member of the Tribunal shall hold and vacate his office in accordance with the terms of his appointment and shall, on ceasing to hold office, be eligible for re-appointment.

(2)Any member of the Tribunal may at any time by notice in writing to the Lord Chancellor resign his office.

9The Secretary of State shall pay—

(a)to the members of the Tribunal, such remuneration and allowances as he may, with the approval of the Minister for the Civil Service, determine ;

(b)as regards any member in whose case he may so determine with the approval of the Minister for the Civil Service, such pension, allowance or gratuity to or in respect of him, or such sums towards the provision of such pension, allowance or gratuity, as may be so determined ;

and, if a person ceases to be a member of the Tribunal and it appears to the Secretary of State that there are special circumstances which make it right that that person should receive compensation, the Secretary of State may, with the approval of the said Minister, pay to that person a sum of such amount as the Secretary of State may, with the approval of that Minister, determine.

10In Part II of Schedule 1 to the House of Commons Disqualification Act 1957 (which lists bodies of which all members are disqualified for membership of the House of Commons), and in the said Part II as it applies by virtue of Schedule 3 to that Act in relation to the Senate and House of Commons of Northern Ireland, there shall be inserted at the appropriate point the words

The Immigration Appeal Tribunal.