Pensions (Increase) Act 1971


Pensions (Increase) Act 1971

1971 CHAPTER 56

An Act to replace the Pensions (Increase) Acts 1920 to 1969 and make further provision for increases and supplements to be paid on certain pensions and related benefits.

[27th July 1971]

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Extent Information

E1Act extends to E.W.S. with the exceptions, as regards N.I., as are mentioned at s. 19(2)

Modifications etc. (not altering text)

C1Power to amend Act conferred by Superannuation Act 1972 (c. 11), s. 7(3)

C3Act excluded by Parliamentary and other Pensions Act 1987 (c. 45, SIF 89), s. 6, Sch. 3 para. 3(5)

C4Act applied with modifications by S.R. 1988/374, reg. E9

C5Act applied by S.I. 1989/1139, reg. 8(4)

C6Certain functions under the Act transferred by S.I. 1989/814, art. 4(3); 1989/1359, art. 5(3)

C7Certain functions under the Act transferred (1.4.1992) by S.I. 1992/331, art. 2(1)(h)(4).

Act extended by the Pensions Increase (Civil Service Early Retirement Pension Scheme 1992) Regulations 1993, 1993/806, regs. 3,4 (which Regulations come into force on 12.4.1993 but by reg. 4 it is provided that any increase of pension payable by virtue of those Regulations shall have effect in respect of any pension beginning on or after 1.4.1992)

Act applied (31.3.1995) by 1993 c. 8, s. 7(4)(b), (with s. 1); S. I. 1995/631, art. 2

Act extended (31.3.1995) by 1993 c. 8, s. 22(2), S. I. 1995/631, art. 2

Act applied (with modifications) (9.11.1993) by 1993/2783, reg. 2(1).

Act modified (19.7.95 but with effect on or after 15.12.1994) by 1995 c. 26, ss. 170(4)(6)(7), 180(2)(c)

Act modified (25.7.1995) by S.I. 1995/1680, reg. 3

Act modified (25.7.1995) by S.I. 1995/1681, reg. 3

Act modified (25.7.1995) by S.I. 1995/1682, reg. 3

Act modified (25.7.1995) by S.I. 1995/1683, reg. 3

Act applied (1.4.1998) by S.I. 1997/1612, reg. 91

Act applied (with modifications) (30.3.2000) by S.I. 2000/671, art. 3