Part IIRevision of Service Offences and Punishments

Miscellaneous offences

28Offences against morale

(1)The following provision shall be inserted in the Army Act 1955 after section 63:— Offences against morale.

63AAny person subject to military law who spreads (whether orally, in writing, by signal, or otherwise) reports relating to operations of Her Majesty's forces, of any forces co-operating therewith, or of any part of any of those forces, being reports likely to create despondency or unnecessary alarm, shall, on conviction by court-martial, be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or any less punishment provided by this Act.

(2)The provision set out in subsection (1) above shall also be inserted in the Air Force Act 1955 after section 63, but modified for that purpose by the substitution of

air-force lawfor " military law ".

(3)The said provision shall also be inserted in the Naval Discipline Act 1957 after that inserted in that Act by section 27 above, being numbered as section 35B of that Act, and being modified for that purpose by the substitution of

person subject to this Actfor " person subject to military law" and of " punishment authorised by this Act " for " punishment provided by this Act", and by the omission of " on conviction by court-martial ".