4Prohibition on going to sea without appropriate certificates

(1)No fishing vessel required to be surveyed under the fishing vessel survey rules shall go to sea unless there are in force certificates issued under section 3 of this Act showing that the vessel complies with such of the requirements of the fishing vessel construction rules, the rules for life-saving appliances, the radio rules, the rules for direction-finders and the rules for radio navigational aids as are applicable to the vessel.

(2)If any fishing vessel goes to sea or attempts to go to sea in contravention of this section, the owner or master of the vessel shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding £200.

(3)The master of any fishing vessel registered in the United Kingdom shall on demand produce to any officer of customs or of the Board of Trade any certificate required by this Act; and the fishing vessel may be detained until the certificate is so produced.

(4)Where a fishing vessel is detained under this section, section 460(2) of the Merchant Shipping Act 1894 (which relates to the costs of detention) shall apply as if the vessel had been finally detained under that Act.