Schedule 2Amendments of Law Relating to Customs and Excise

Amendments relating to tobacco

1Subject to such conditions as they see fit to impose, the Commissioners may remit or repay duty, or allow drawback, on tobacco in respect of which it is shown to their satisfaction that it is to be or has been used solely for purposes of research or experiment.

2The duties of excise under section 4 of the Finance Act 1964 on tobacco grown in the United Kingdom shall not be charged on tobacco which is grown by a person for his own consumption and in respect of which such conditions as the Commissioners see fit to impose are complied with.

3At the beginning of paragraph (a) of section 173(2) of the Act of 1952 (which prohibits the import of sweetened tobacco in an unmanufactured state) there shall be inserted the words

except as permitted by the Commissioners, and in section 176(1) of that Act (which provides that a tobacco manufacturer shall not in manufacturing tobacco use any sweetening matter or, save as the Commissioners allow and subject to such conditions as they see fit to impose, any other substance except those specified in paragraphs (a) to (e) of that section) the words " any sweetening matter or " shall be transposed to follow the words " see fit to impose ".

4For paragraph (b) of section 183(1) of the Act of 1952 (which provides for drawback on tobacco stalks or tobacco refuse abandoned to the Commissioners) there shall be substituted the following paragraph:—

(b)tobacco stalks or tobacco refuse disposed of to the satisfaction of the Commissioners.