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SCHEDULE 5U.K. Passenger Transport Authorities and Executives

Part IIIU.K.

Matters which may be dealt with by order under s. 9(1)U.K.

[F11The fixing and notification of the [F2dates on which the Authority and Executive respectively are][F2date on which the Executive is] to be established.F3]

Textual Amendments

F2Words “date" to “is" substituted (S.) for words “dates" to “are" by Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 (c. 65), Sch. 18 para. 21(3)

2The incorporation of the Authority.

3The appointment—

[F4[F5(a)in accordance with Part I of this Schedule of members of the Authority; and]]

(b)by the Authority in accordance with [F6section 9(1)(b)][F6section 9(2)] of this Act and Part II of this Schedule of members of the Executive.

[F74The terms on which and period for which the members of the Authority are to hold office, and the vacation of office by those members.]

[F85The payment of allowances to, or to any class of, members of the Authority, and the payment of remuneration to the chairman of the Authority.]

6The proceedings of [F9the Authority and] the Executive [F9respectively].

Textual Amendments

7The establishment by [F10the Authority and] the Executive [F10respectively] of committees and the composition of those committees, including the establishment of advisory committees consisting wholly or partly of persons who are not members of the Authority or Executive.

8The delegation of functions by [F11the Authority or] the Executive to a committee or to [F11the chairman of the Authority or, as the case may be,] the Director General of the Executive.

Textual Amendments

9The authentication of documents of [F12the Authority and] the Executive [F12respectively] and provision for the treatment of such documents as evidence, and in Scotland sufficient evidence, of such facts as may be specified by the order.

[F1310The appointment by, or provision by the Executive for, the Authority of officers and servants, and the payment of remuneration and allowances to any officers and servants appointed by the Authority.]


(a)for treating [F14the Authority or] any subsidiary of the Executive for the purposes of pensions to or in respect of persons who are or have been employed by them as if they were the Executive for a [F15designated][F15passenger transport] area;

(b)as to the fund in the benefits of which any persons who are or have been employed by [F14the Authority] the Executive or a subsidiary of the Executive are to be entitled to participate;

[F16(c)for the transfer to the authority administering that fund in relation to any such persons, instead of to the Executive, of any other fund in the benefits of which those persons are entitled to participate which would otherwise fall to be transferred to the Executive by an order under section 17 of this Act.]

Textual Amendments

F15Words “passenger transport" substituted (E.W.S.) for “designated" by Transport Act 1985 (c. 67, SIF 126), s. 57(6), Sch. 3 para. 2(b)

[F1712The provision of accommodation for the Authority by the Authority or by the Executive.]

13Provision applying, with or without modifications, to [F18the Authority or] the Executive, or to persons who are or have been members of [F18the Authority or] the Executive, or officers or servants of [F18the Authority], the Executive or any subsidiary of the Executive, any enactment or instrument made under an enactment relating, as the case may be, to, or to persons who are or have been members of, or officers or servants of, local authorities or local authorities of a particular description.

Textual Amendments

[F1914The making of reports and the furnishing of information by the Authority and Executive to the Minister.]

15Any particular matters to be dealt with in the annual report of the Authority and the Executive under section 16 of this Act.

[F2016Provision for the person or persons by whom a member of the Authority is appointed to appoint also a deputy to act in that member’s place at any meeting of the Authority from which that member is absent, and for applying in relation to any such deputy, with or without modifications, any provision with respect to members of the Authority made by this Act or by the order.]

17Provision, as respects any period before the Authority appoint or are provided with their own officers and servants, for the discharge of functions of officers or servants of the Authority (including the convening of the first meeting of the Authority) by such officers or servants of such of the councils of constituent areas as may be determined in accordance with the order.