Firearms Act 1968

  1. Introductory Text

  2. Part I Provisions as to Possession, Handling and Distribution of Weapons and Ammunition; Prevention of Crime and Measures to Protect Public Safety

    1. General restrictions on possession and handling of firearms and ammunition

      1. 1.Requirement of firearm certificate

      2. 2.Requirement of certificate for possession of shot guns

      3. 3.Business and other transactions with firearms and ammunition

      4. 4.Conversion of weapons

    2. Prohibition of certain weapons and control of arms traffic

      1. 5.Weapons subject to general prohibition

      2. 6.Power to prohibit movement of arms and ammunition

    3. Special exemptions from sections I to 5

      1. 7.Police permit

      2. 8.Authorised dealing with firearms

      3. 9.Carriers, auctioneers, etc

      4. 10.Slaughter of animals

      5. 11.Sports, athletics and other approved activities

      6. 12.Theatre and cinema

      7. 13.Equipment for ships and aircraft

      8. 14.Persons temporarily in Great Britain

      9. 15.Holder of Northern Irish certificate

    4. Prevention of crime and preservation of public safety

      1. 16.Possession of firearm with intent to injure

      2. 17.Use of firearm to resist arrest

      3. 18.Carrying firearm with criminal intent

      4. 19.Carrying firearm in a public place

      5. 20.Trespassing with firearm

      6. 21.Possession of firearms by persons previously convicted of crime

      7. 22.Acquisition and possession of firearms by minors

      8. 23.Exceptions from s. 22(4) and (5)

      9. 24.Supplying firearms to minors

      10. 25.Supplying firearm to person drunk or insane

  3. Part II Firearm and Shot Gun Certificates; Registration of Firearms Dealers

    1. Grant, renewal, variation and revocation of firearm and shot gun certificates

      1. 26.Application for, and grant of, certificates

      2. 27.Special provisions about firearm certificates

      3. 28.Special provisions about shot gun certificates

      4. 29.Variation of firearm certificates

      5. 30.Revocation of certificates

      6. 31.Certificate for prohibited weapon

      7. 32.Fee for certificate and exemption from paying it in certain cases

    2. Registration of firearms dealers

      1. 33.Police register

      2. 34.Grounds for refusal of registration

      3. 35.Fee for registration and renewal thereof

      4. 36.Conditions of registration

      5. 37.Registration of new place of business

      6. 38.Removal from register of dealer's name or place of business

      7. 39.Offences in connection with registration

    3. Supplementary

      1. 40.Compulsory register of transactions in firearms

      2. 41.Exemption from s. 40 in case of trade in shot gun components

      3. 42.Transactions with persons not registered as firearms dealers

      4. 43.Power of Secretary of State to alter fees

      5. 44.Appeals from police decisions under Part II

      6. 45.Consequences where registered dealer convicted of offence

  4. Part III Law Enforcement and Punishment of Offences

    1. 46.Power of search with warrant

    2. 47.Powers of constables to stop and search

    3. 48.Production of certificates

    4. 49.Police powers in relation to arms traffic

    5. 50.Special powers of arrest

    6. 51.Prosecution and punishment of offences

    7. 52.Forfeiture and disposal of firearms; cancellation of certificate by convicting court

  5. Part IV Miscellaneous and General

    1. 53.Rules for implementing this Act

    2. 54.Application of Parts I and II to Crown servants

    3. 55.Exercise of police functions

    4. 56.Service of notices

    5. 57.Interpretation

    6. 58.Particular savings

    7. 59.Repeals and general savings

    8. 60.Short title, commencement and extent

    1. Schedule 1

      Offences to which section 17(2) applies

    2. Schedule 2

      Offences to which sections 17(2) and 18 apply in Scotland

    3. Schedule 3

      Jurisdiction and procedure on application under section 21(6)

    4. Schedule 4

      Particulars to be entered by firearms dealer in register of transactions

    5. Schedule 5

      Provisions as to appeals under s. 44

    6. Schedule 6

      Prosecution and punishment of offences

    7. Schedule 7